Real Experiences
Based on Janice’s journey with Parkinson's.
Written By Professionals
Written by doctors in the field for up to date and correct information.
Peer Reviewed By Experts
Reviewed by doctors, specialists and nurses.
Input From Our Community
Shared with a focus group of patients with Parkinson's for first hand experience.

What Is Parkinson's Xplained?

Parkinson's Xplained follows the story of Janice, a 56 year old living in Sydney, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's. Through this illustrated flip-through story, learn about complicated medical concepts, support groups and the emotional roller coaster that comes with being diagnosed with Parkinson's.

Like many people, Janice's initial way of dealing with Parkinson’s was to totally ignore it. It has only been recently that she has opened up more to others about her condition to help others learn about the condition.

Download or view the story to learn about Parkinson's and Janice's story here!

Meet Janice

My name is Janice and I live with my husband in Sydney where we share our home with my son, his wife and their two young children and I also have two daughters who live away from home....


Parkinson's Xplained for medical professionals

The Parkinson's Xplained story has been such a great help to people with Parkinson's, as well as friends, family members and carers. In an effort to help explain this complex condition, medical professionals or organisations can order webkeys and flyers to help let patients know about this valuable learning resource. Order yours today!

About Medicine X


Medicine X translates complicated 'doctor speak' into an entertaining and engaging story – so that every person regardless of age, gender, culture and condition, can have access to medical information they can understand and relate to.

Working as a doctor, Medicine X's founder realised that many patients were confused about their diagnoses, and didn't have a proper understanding of their conditions or treatments. There was a disconnect between the language that doctors use, and what patients understand. Because of this, many people feel hopeless and anxious at a very difficult time in their lives.

This is why Medicine X was created. We believe there is a better way. We believe all patients should feel informed and empowered so they can become engaged in their personal and medical decisions.

Medicine X connects the stories of real people with artists and medical experts, to turn complex medical information into stories that people can understand and relate to.

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Who Is Involved?

A wide community of people have contributed to the development of Parkinson's Xplained. The starting point being the stories of Janice and our focus group of people who have been diagnosed with Parkinson's or care for someone with Parkinson's.

From this, medical experts, relevant medical bodies and medical institutions were all involved to create reliable and accurate information you can depend on. Along the way, the story has been reviewed by these experts and shared with the focus group to help evolve and optimise the content.

Thank you to all of those who were involved!

  • Nancy Arnold

    Clinical Nurse Educator, TAS

    Jacinta Johnson

    Specialist Clinical Pharmacist and Lecturer, SA

    Grant Kardachi

    Pharmacist, SA

  • Professor Graeme Kerr

    Research Professor, QLD

    Professor Simon Lewis

    Neurologist, NSW

    Professor Christopher Lind

    Neurosurgeon, WA

  • Professor Wesley Thevathasan

    Neurologist, VIC

    Meg Thorburn

    Clinical Nurse - Epilepsy & Movement Disorders, WA

    Sue Williams

    Parkinson's Clinical Support Nurse, NSW

  • Anna Nolan

    Nurse Co-Ordinator, QLD

    Anne Smith

    Parkinson's Nurse, VIC

    Steve Sant

    CEO Parkinson's Australia

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Medicine X would like to thank Parkinson's Australia for their collaboration on Parkinson's Xplained, and our sponsor Boehringer Ingelheim for making Parkinson's Xplained possible.

In Collaboration With

Parkinson’s Australia is the national not-for-profit body working for all people affected by Parkinson’s, through advocating for, lobbying about and effective communication of, their interests.

They aim to increase awareness of Parkinson’s and to increase support for, and investment in, research around the understanding and treatment of Parkinson's.

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